Attack on Titan episode 16 – Building up or slowing down?


In one of my previous posts where I discussed my thoughts on attack on titan I mentioned that i felt the series was slowing down or that the pacing of the series had changed. this was because after the battle for Tross the pacing of the series change because we had reached a turning point where the humans managed to achieve victory and they weren’t in constant battle or training, as it was time of peace. This allowed the story to take a much different approach rather than throwing us in the mists of battle, we would be told much more about the past in this world we know little about and establish a new plot point in the series.

For the series this pace change felt really weird because of the ridiculously fast pace at the start of the series which made it seemed much slower than it was. In hindsight the pace at that point was probably on par with many other good series it was just slow in comparison to the series. But at the end of episode 15 and episode 16 i came to a realization that this was mainly build up to the next plot point and this pace change may actually serve a more sinister purpose to make the next plot point that may appear next episode have a much larger impact.

Although this seems like a great idea it does make me think about whether this upcoming plot point will have an as large or larger impact on the viewer as the start of the series. This is mainly due to the fact that at the start of the series we were thrown into the middle of the action but at this point there has been build up to this plot point.

I have not read the manga for the series so I do not know the direction the series will be taking but from speculation and from what we saw in the last episode we may see other titan-shifter’s like Eren which could make the series much more interesting but although it seems like a brilliant explanation as it still leaves questions unanswered and it does not explain why somebody would work against the military and decrease the chances of beating the titans. but this reason does explain the existence of  the female titan (in episode 17 preview and op 2), the colossal titan and the armored titan but that also leaves questions like why do they also exist, what is their motivation for helping the titans and who are they? are they a character we have previously encountered or new characters to be revealed?

So i am very interested to see what happens for the next 8 episodes of the series. For all the non-manga, feel free to comment on what you think will happen next. For anybody reading the manga… NO SPOILERS! So anyway feel free to like and follow us for the latest post’s and like us on our new Facebook and Tumblr page to get all the new posts there. Thanks for reading i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did, thank you and I’ll see you next post.


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IS : Infinite Stratos review



hello to anyone reading This. I’m zenter and this is going to be my first post where i am going to be reviewing the anime Infinite Stratos and I hope you all enjoy it.


Science fiction,Comedy,Harem

the plot

This anime is based in the near future where there are mechanized suits called Infinite Stratos or I S for short. However these I S  are not used in wars but for competitions and can only be piloted by females. one day Ichika Orimura finds himself to be the only male to able to pilot an I S and is sent to the Infinite Stratos Academy where I S pilots come for all over the world. Ichika begins he’s new high school life where he learns how to pilot an I S and  meets a lot of interesting Characters.

Main Characters


Ichika Orimura

Ichika is the protagonist of the anime. He is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and he pilots the Byakushiki which focuses on melee combat. Ichika is a typical harem protagonist managing to get girls to fall in love with him but not being able to pick up on it which leads to a lot of awkward situations.


Houki Shinonono

Houki is the first girl Ichika meets and is also he’s childhood friend.she is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots Akatsubaki which is a melee type. Houki very easily gets mad and will resort to violence against ichika even attacking him with a kendo stick.

Cecilia Sleeves

Cecilia Alcott

Cecilia is the Representative for england. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Blue Tears which is a long-range sniper type. Cecilia is stereotypically british and is stuck up.


Huang Ling Yin (Rin)

Rin is the Representative for China and is another one of Ichika childhood friends. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Shenlong which is a short-range melee type. rin is  very energetic and is a bit competitive


Charlotte Dunois

charlotte is the Representative of France. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Rafale Revive Custom II which is medium-range type. charlotte is alway kind and doesn’t getting angary.


Laura Bodewig

laura is the Representative of Germany and a A genetically engineered super-soldier. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Schwarzer Regen which is a medium to long-range artillery-type. Laura is a tough person and with being raised in the army doesn’t understand how thing work in life.

my opinion

well this anime isn’t for everyone this will only appeal to the people who like harems and fan service but that’s not to say its bad. This is not for anyone who looking to get behind a good story since it doesn’t really go anywhere. On the other hand looking at the other aspects of this show it does deliver with a good amount of comedy centered around Ichika not being able to read the situation make for a lot of awkward situations and funny outcomes. talking about fan service again it does not disappoint but does bombard you with it. As for the fight between the I S its standard high-flying fast combat but isn’t to over the top still it would have been nice to see some really good fight’s. This show has some of my favourite Characters and has made me come back and re watch it. Between the dub or the sub I would have to say the dub because the voice actors use such stereotypically accents for the english,French and German Characters which just add to the humour of the show. I would give it a 9 maybe 8 out of 10 because it appeals to my sence of humour and kept me wanting more which I will be getting because this show is getting a second season which I am really looking forward to.

I would like to thank anyone who has read all of this post I know it not that detailed but I would like to do more detailed reviews in the future.


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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 2012 Review


I’ve always been a fan of melodramatic, over the top anime like “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” and a few shounen series and I heard some good things about the series from people i knew so I felt that this series was right up my alley.

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” follows the misadventures of the Joestar family through the many generations of the family, following the descendant of that time. The manga series that the series was adapted from so far has eight arcs. This adaptation of the anime follows the first two arcs; Phantom blood and Battle tendency.

The first arc is set in late 19th century Britain where the young Johnathan Joestar meets his new adopted brother Dio Brando who only wants to usurp Jonathan as heir to the Joestar family. However, his attempts are thwarted and when he resorts to using an ancient stone mask, it transforms him into a vampire. From that day onward’s Johnathan must learn the ways of  “Hamon” (or “Ripple”… yeah, great name!) from Will Zeppeli and former street thug, Robert Speedwagon to defeat Dio and stop him from taking over the world.

The next arc is set in 1930’s america where the grandson of Jonathan, Joseph finds that Speedwagon has diasappeared and upon looking for him he discovers a much more powerful enemy named “The Pillar Men” and he to must learn to master “The Ripple” from Lisa Lisa to defeat the pillar men and defend the world.

so from my brief description of the plot you can probably tell that the plot is not the strongest part of the series as it follows the cliché plot-line of saving the world from the bad guys will vague motives by beating the ever-loving crap out of them. so i would not call this a high point but the series does set up strong foundation with the story so it the series as a whole does not feel generic.

The high point of the series lies mainly in character interactions whether it be conversation or fighting as it always has a very melodramatic tone which seems to be charm with the series. In conversation they will randomly spew out philosophy, explain their plan to the enemy as they are about to do it or throw out cheesy one liners which does seem cheesy at first but it eventually grows on you and it starts to feel like an 80’s shounen manga (which ironically it is.)


The fighting is also a spectacle to behold. It’s over the top, melodramatic and awesome. it’s fast paced, its full of lighting effects and filters and sometimes the fights a psychological with the main protagonist and their opponent reading each others moves making some fights unpredictable. they also added the kanji effects that would be on the pages of the manga and used backgrounds similar to background on manga frames which is a touch that I liked as it made it feel more dramatic and it emphasis movements on-screen but this a very stylized touch that some may appreciate or may put others of.


I also liked the art that the series had mainly because the looked very typical of an 80’s manga which i liked and the colors used added to the overall mood of many scenes or they could appear to be very overwhelming but this may be something that appeals to you.

I would like to add how “Ripple” is a very cool power but they vaguely explained what it can actually do with the exception of killing vampires, and it seems like they can do the most ridiculous things with it. for example ripple users have managed to push venom out of their body, walk on water, throw bubbles which can cut through vampires, create hang-gliders from leaves and many other ridiculous things with the most vague explanation. This series does truly test your suspension of disbelief to its limit.

the final point that i would like to make is the soundtrack which is very good, with many tracks adding to the overall feel to the anime by making scenes seem much more dramatic or getting you pumped for a fight. Another area that must be pointed out is the openings which look brilliant in my opinion as they both sum up the overall feel of 80’s shounen with a great song for both openings and a good representation of whats in store. The only bad thing about these openings is that the CG in the openings are an eye sore but it’s not so evident in the second opening as the CG is used much less and in combination with the many bright colors it is less noticeable.


My final verdict for the series is that i will highly recommend this if you are just looking for something fun that you don’t have to take seriously and you don’t want a deep and complex story line. my recommendations for other anime like this would be “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” as the anime has the same over the top feel to it and there both just fun series to watch that you don’t need to take seriously although i would say Gurren Lagann is much better but that is mainly personal preference. I have decided to rate this anime 7.5/10. Thank you for reading this first review of mine and i hope you have enjoyed it as much as i have. thank you again and ill see you next post.


Psycho-Pass Season 2 (Good or bad?)



Okay so with that out the way… In October 2012, production I.G. and (My favorite writer) Gen Urobuchi made the anime we now know as Psycho-Pass. the story took place in the future where a system called the Sibyl System monitored everybody mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes, all through a “cymatic scan” of the brain to decide whether they were criminals. this assessment was called a Psycho-Pass. when the probability of them committing crimes is too high they would be pursued and apprehended, by force if necessary using the advanced weapon known as a “Dominator” which decides which can only fire and kill those whose crime coefficient is high enough. The story mainly follows Akane Tsunemori, a new inspector to the force who is made to take on many large cases right off the bat.

As I’m not reviewing this I’m going to try to keep this short. I thought Psycho-Pass was a great series to watch the highlights of the series in my eyes was firstly in the animation and art as the art itself added well to the cyberpunk world and the special effects on the gun for example looked brilliant and made it look realistic. The character designs in the series looked brilliant one of my favorites was Shinya Kōgami cause he looked like a bad-ass. Another highlight of the series was the setting and theme behind the series as i found the concept intriguing like how the system could condemn a person to death but as a person you may feel the decision to be wrong or that the system may not feel the system to be morally just, and this concept was what kept me interested throughout the series. the final point of interest for the series was the soundtrack which was great during scenes in the anime and the opening and ending themes always got me pumped for another episode.


there was quite a few problems that i had with the series as a whole. the first problem I had was that the series as a whole was quite slow and episodic so until the main story arc actually kicked in I felt that some episodes felt like a bore and it felt like a task to get through some episodes. Another problem i had with the series was that character development was very limited and many side characters did not get as much development as i hoped or not at all which left some questions in the back of my mind but this did not affect my overall viewing pleasure of the anime. The final problem with the anime was the ending, as i felt they left to many questions unanswered and the villains motives was relatively unexplained but i liked the fact that they left the ending open to interpretation which made me feel satisfied with the ending given and gave me an interesting viewpoint of the series as a whole.

so anyway on July 2013 they announced the second season of Psycho-Pass and i feel like I’m on the fence about this. This is mainly because of my mixed feelings towards the series as a whole influencing my opinion on this. so i think the best way to explain this is to break it down into why i want the second season and why I’m okay with it not being made.

the reasons that i want to see this second season of Psycho-Pass is because as I previously explain, i feel there are too many plot points left unexplained and there is so little i know about some of the characters that this large mass of questions cannot go unanswered in my mind and i feel that this season may give me those answers. another reason is because i want to see the direction in which they take the series because the open ending given to the series means that they could take the story in many directions. For example i feel the first way they could take the series is that it could still follow Akane and revisit areas of the plot that were left previously unexplained or not well explored, or i feel that the plot could follow this new character that was shown it the last scene and she could retrace the steps the previous protagonist did but then make different decision focusing on the areas of the story that were previously mentioned but never developed.


This second point was actually an analogy that I thought up after watching Psycho-Pass, as from the evidence I got from the series like the setting at the end was identical to the first episode, i thought that the events of the series may have been like a vicious circle where it was all the events of the series may have been part of a cycle but i can’t fully explain this without running into spoilers so I will leave it at that (If you want the full explanation feel free to message me on here or Facebook and I will happily explain it to you.) and my final reason for wanting this series is this may be the first sequel Gen Urobuchi has ever done so I will be interested on how he deals with this.

so on the other end of the scale there are a few reasons why i would still be happy if there wasn’t a second season is because i liked how the ending was open to interpretation and this allowed fans to get out many different analogy of the series which was something i really liked about the series as you got a new viewpoint on the series whenever you talk to somebody new. the other problem I feel with a second season is also the fact this may be Gen Urobuchi’s first second season and i feel that this may go in three ways.

  1. He feels very passionate about the series and he wants to see the series all the way through to the end and not leave any stones un-turned.
  2. He may not be able to reach the same level with the second season the first or exceed the quality of the first season because he may feel uncomfortable with developing on a previous series rather than creating a new series from scratch.
  3. He’s being told to write a new series by production I.G. because of the popularity of the first season so he doesn’t feel as passionate about the second season so he won’t write it to his full potential.

So i feel that it being Gen Urobuchi’s first second season may put him out of his comfort zone and this may be a compromise to his great talent in writing.

Even taking this all into account I feel I’m still on the fence about this second season but only time can tell and i only hope for the best from this series as a whole. Thanks for reading this post i hope you have enjoyed this as much as i did writing it. For this post i would like you to post your opinions on the second season and the direction you feel the series may be going, or post you interpretation of the ending of the first season. so again thanks for reading and I’ll see you next post 😀



shingeki no kyojin Episode 15 (thoughts so far…)


Soo for the people who have been living under a rock since April 2013, production I.G. produced Shingeki no kyojin or attack on titan. the series was also directed by Tetsurō Araki who directed other iconic series such as Death note and Guilty crown, so when this series was released it seemed like a pretty big deal.

The story of attack on titan is that 100 years prior to the series an unknown force named Titans which are tall humanoid beings that drove humanity to near extinction and forced them to devolve to a low-level society almost like medieval England and survive in one last settlement surrounded by three walls. they are known as wall Maria ,Rose and Sina which is the last defense for the humans.

after all this setup about the world of AOT, the story mainly follows Eren jaeger and his struggle surviving in the world presented and how he deals with what he was presented. The plot does actually go much deeper than this but as i cannot really explain this without spoilers as all manga readers and others who have watched the anime will know.

the reason many people have given this show so much hype is because the anime has one of the strongest starts i have seen in anime in a long time. this is mainly because they managed to build such a vast and interesting world and it makes you want to know much more about the thing in the world like the titans or the city and how it was built and the series keeps you lusting for more answers and i hope we get them.

Another reason is that in the first episode the series doesn’t ease you in slowly, shit hits the fan straight away and there is lot’s of death and destruction straight off the bat and this just leaves you in awe. this pace also adds to the feel of this dystopia and how meaningless the fight between the humans and titans are. also this pace never really slowed down and i would almost die in anticipation for the next episode as there would always be something happening and it never felt like there was a reason not to watch the next episode.

The final reason i feel there is so much hype going into it is because of the animation quality is near perfect. the reason this is so significant is that the solders would fight with 3D maneuver gear which means the action is very fast paced as they are swinging between buildings and flying through the air towards titan. This means if they did not have fluid animation to put it bluntly it would look shit but because it’s really fluid it looks really fast paced and epic. I also feel that they may have also been showing off when animating this as there are some brilliant scenes like when a character had his leg bit off MID-AIR and then slid along a nearby roof top destroying the roof tiles and it looked so epic.Also the sound track is awesome and the first opening pretty much speaks for itself and if you haven’t seen it watch it now!


Now that ALOT of credit has been given where necessary now I have to talk about a few minor points i have to now discuss a few flaws that the show has although at the minute they appear to be minor. The first problem is the designs for the titans because they are very inconsistent with the designs. This means that there are some titans which look really bad-ass then there are some titans that look so mongish that they made me break immersion. for example there have been some weird titans that i saw like the titan dubbed the “Kawaii titan” which has been the star of many memes and one titan i saw that looked like Freddy mercury although i do feel this may be a personal problem rather than a problem everybody will have but you have been warned.Image Image

(BTW this picture at the top has been edited but the one on is legit 😀 )

The other problem i am having now is that it reached episode 14 (There was an op change :(. ) i felt like the series is beginning to slow down which is sad considering how strong the series began but it was kind of given as no writer could ever hold that pace in a series without slowing down for some form of character development and world building as they have only really developed the characters Eren and Mikasa as they are kind of the main characters. I do feel like the series need to slow down as the series is at an important turning point and I feel that the right may just be building up to a massive plot point as we found out in the end of episode 15 as shit is going down an I feel I new enemy as well of the titans may appear within the ranks of the human race but this is entirely based on my speculation but we will have to find out.

so to wrap this up quickly if you haven’t watched attack on titan go watch it now, you will not be disappointed, if you still on the fence about this series I command you to give it a go and if you don’t it may be your loss.



Favorite Anime Quote

Favorite Anime Quote

“There is no such thing as a painless lesson, they just don’t exist.

Sacrifices are necessary, you can’t gain anything without losing something first.

Although, if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you’ll find you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle….

yeah, a heart made fullmetal.”

Edward Elric (fmab)

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club (First impression)


Hey guys, so as the summer season is beginning to come to an end i have made some effort to watch a new series coming out. For anyone out there that doesn’t know what this is, Kyoto animation decided to make a 32 second video to show off how well they could animate water and that video went viral and they decided to make this anime spawning the show we see today.

The anime revolves around a group of high school boys who inevitably form a swimming team. the first four boys ( Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rin) were together in a swimming club when they were in elementary school and after the participated in a tournament they part ways. years later when they enter high school, they reunite when Rin challenges Haruka to a race which Rin wins. not wanting to be defeated by Rin so easily, Haruka Gather Makoto and Nagisa and then inevitably formed the  Iwatobi high school swimming club.

Okay, with the formal bit out the way i can safely say this anime was obviously made for the female anime fan so as the male observer the series felt very alien to me and i didn’t know what to expect.The only other series that i have seen where the fan service was tailored for the female otaku was “Ouran high school host club.” which was strangely enough not recommended to me by a girl but by my gay friend although i feel the concept still applies. when I did watch OHSHC i actually enjoyed watching it as the concept of the series was foreign to me so i was intrigued to find out what it was about. another thing i liked about it was that the humor was oriented to both genders and what fan service there was relatively toned down so i could enjoy it without hoping somebody walks in the door and thinks i swing the other way. with that aside I did hope “Free!” would also take into account the male audience.

I have so far watch the first three episodes of free as they have aired and have found the series relatively enjoyable despite it mainly tailoring to a female audience. The first merit i have to give this series is actually in its story although at the minute the story does have sort of feel weak i like the effort that has been put in so far to stick to a story line rather than just having some stupid beach scene or other filler and how they have used some character development to build on the main characters.

Another good point of the series is that it has in my opinion a very strong main character and arch rival which is actually one of the main reasons i kept watching as the show has gripped me and i want to know so much more about the characters rivalry and do hope they continue to develop on it.


The last point of interest for the series it the animation and art for the series kyoto animation did a very good job with the animation for the series as everything looks smooth and the swimming looks so well animated that it shows why Kyoto Ani were hyping up their ability to animate water. the character designs look great although i felt one or two characters felt bland and unoriginal or Kyoto Animation spent more time drawing their abs than their face.

Although this is all well and good we have to take into account what i didn’t like about the series. One of the first problems i had with the series was the fan service. at first in episode one this wasn’t as evident but in the next two episodes it was so painfully blunt as in they would flex their muscles in the screen or they would take of their shirt like a porn star to reveal the good stuff that the fan girls wanted to see! Yes, i do understand this series is for a female audience but they could have not rubbed their male physique in my face so much the smell may still linger because there may be the odd chance another male may actually want to watch it and will be put off by this. If you are a girl on the other hand this may be exactly what you want because it’s not like you get as much fan service as the male audience does so this is you lucky day but i will warn you some of it may be pretty unusual even for a girls standards like seeing Haruka in only an apron and his swim shorts which looked stupid from where i was sitting but this may be for you.

the other problem i had with the series was mainly with the side characters as most of the guys did feel girly and were just there to appeal to the female audience as their personality’s were just tropes that i feel have been used over and over again but the female audience would like them and latch onto them easily. A character that i specifically did not like as she annoyed the hell out of me was Gō Matsuoka. The reason was her character liked to specifically point out that this is a show with male fan service by Fan Girling over a character as he takes of his shirt or rubs his triceps which annoyed me while watching the show but retrospect i found her quite funny as i imagine her as the fan base for this show which may or may not be true. (No offence :D) Also she sparkles more than Alex Louis Armstrong during fan service scenes.


Other points that i would like to make is that the OST is very good there was one track on episode one that caught my eye (Ear) which was played before Rin and Haruka raced which actually got me pretty pumped sadly I don’t know what it’s called as the OST has not been released yet. The Op “Rage on” was brilliant the song was great and the animation was brilliant. The voice over was good but so far no voice actor has really stood out for me yet.

My final verdict for the series is that so far the series has been quite good in my eyes and Kyoto animation has done a very good job with this series as per usual but i will probably not continue to watch this series until it has finished airing because although it has been fun to watch i don’t feel it is going to get much better in my eyes and i don’t feel i am resolved enough to watch this series on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend this series to the female anime fan as this is probably one of the greatest series that has been made specifically for the female Otaku so i suggest highly they should check it out. For any guys who are still interested i suggest you give it a go because i feel if you don’t test the water you won’t know if it was for you and if you don’t you may need to bleach you brain to get those after images out of your mind.

And this is the end of my first impression if you liked it leave a like or comment on how i can improve my work and come back at a later date for more posts. i hope you enjoy this series if you watch it, goodbye and thanks for stopping by.


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FIRST POST – Steins gate. (Final Impression)


Hey guys, First post i’m pretty pumped for it just finished watching Steins gate and just added it to my MAL yesterday i gave it a good 9/10 as i enjoyed it very much but it did have one minor problem that could have stopped this series from being perfect… THE START.

okay, soo the reason is that the start felt so much slower in comparison to the rest of the series and this annoyed me because if the build up to the first plot point didn’t take as long or they made it far more interesting to watch, it would have felt like such a drag to begin with as this is what it felt to me.

but getting the bad points out the way the staff involved in steins gate did a very good job with the animation and the story of steins gate did keep me gripped and at one point i felt like my jaw hit the floor because i was so shocked at something that just happened in the story.  Also there were may parts where i was laughing my ass off at Okabe because he would always lighten the mood before some of the darker sections of the show.

i would highly recommend this show to anybody who is reading this just because of the gripping story this show has and the comedy the show has even at the darkest of scenes. so that will be all for this post so thanks for reading and goodbye.




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