IS : Infinite Stratos review



hello to anyone reading This. I’m zenter and this is going to be my first post where i am going to be reviewing the anime Infinite Stratos and I hope you all enjoy it.


Science fiction,Comedy,Harem

the plot

This anime is based in the near future where there are mechanized suits called Infinite Stratos or I S for short. However these I S  are not used in wars but for competitions and can only be piloted by females. one day Ichika Orimura finds himself to be the only male to able to pilot an I S and is sent to the Infinite Stratos Academy where I S pilots come for all over the world. Ichika begins he’s new high school life where he learns how to pilot an I S and  meets a lot of interesting Characters.

Main Characters


Ichika Orimura

Ichika is the protagonist of the anime. He is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and he pilots the Byakushiki which focuses on melee combat. Ichika is a typical harem protagonist managing to get girls to fall in love with him but not being able to pick up on it which leads to a lot of awkward situations.


Houki Shinonono

Houki is the first girl Ichika meets and is also he’s childhood friend.she is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots Akatsubaki which is a melee type. Houki very easily gets mad and will resort to violence against ichika even attacking him with a kendo stick.

Cecilia Sleeves

Cecilia Alcott

Cecilia is the Representative for england. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Blue Tears which is a long-range sniper type. Cecilia is stereotypically british and is stuck up.


Huang Ling Yin (Rin)

Rin is the Representative for China and is another one of Ichika childhood friends. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Shenlong which is a short-range melee type. rin is  very energetic and is a bit competitive


Charlotte Dunois

charlotte is the Representative of France. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Rafale Revive Custom II which is medium-range type. charlotte is alway kind and doesn’t getting angary.


Laura Bodewig

laura is the Representative of Germany and a A genetically engineered super-soldier. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Schwarzer Regen which is a medium to long-range artillery-type. Laura is a tough person and with being raised in the army doesn’t understand how thing work in life.

my opinion

well this anime isn’t for everyone this will only appeal to the people who like harems and fan service but that’s not to say its bad. This is not for anyone who looking to get behind a good story since it doesn’t really go anywhere. On the other hand looking at the other aspects of this show it does deliver with a good amount of comedy centered around Ichika not being able to read the situation make for a lot of awkward situations and funny outcomes. talking about fan service again it does not disappoint but does bombard you with it. As for the fight between the I S its standard high-flying fast combat but isn’t to over the top still it would have been nice to see some really good fight’s. This show has some of my favourite Characters and has made me come back and re watch it. Between the dub or the sub I would have to say the dub because the voice actors use such stereotypically accents for the english,French and German Characters which just add to the humour of the show. I would give it a 9 maybe 8 out of 10 because it appeals to my sence of humour and kept me wanting more which I will be getting because this show is getting a second season which I am really looking forward to.

I would like to thank anyone who has read all of this post I know it not that detailed but I would like to do more detailed reviews in the future.


(I do not own any pictures used in this post all rights go to the respective owners.)

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