I’m Back Baby, Can you dig it…

Hey guys, I’m back from a long hiatus and i have decided to move to blogger. This is because i can use this much more easily and now my friend “Zenter” is not blogging with me anymore i felt it was time for a change of scenery.

I am gong to be moving all my previous posts from WordPress to here and adding some First reactions to some of the newer stuff. I will not give my final thoughts on Attack on titan as of now but a review is planned to come soon.

I have decide to change my style a bit more and refine it and when i get a better mic i will do most my Vlogging on video. Also look out for The Ani-storm podcast which you can follow on twitter @AniStormPodcast which i will be participating in and as always you can follow me on Twitter @NightZero78.

For anybody following my wordpress blog the new URL is http://thesarcasticbrit.blogspot.com/. I will leave this blog up for a week or so to make sure everybody gets the message and i hope to see you on Blogger. And as always, I’ll see you next post…

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