Hey guys, and welcome to our blog. As you probably realized by now WE LIKE ANIME!! so we have dedicated this blog to talking about the shows we are watching/watched and give our relatively unbiased opinions on them and we will make them spoiler free. We may also do anime reviews if we get enough followers.

we also read manga, play Visual novels and JRPG’s so we may also talk about them in our post’s but generally we will be talking about our thoughts on whatever is on our minds at the time which is mainly anime. We will also be posting our thoughts on upcoming anime as well if anything grabs our interest.

We will be running the blog on two different Admin names. I the person now writing will post under the name “Zero” and the other admin will post under the name “Zenter”. We both have MyAnimeList so i will leave the links at the bottom so you can take a look there are not reviews on there ATM.

So this is all i have to say about our blog, take a look at the posts and give a like and maybe friend us on MAL. hope you enjoy the site šŸ˜€



MyAnimeList Pages:

Zero –Ā http://myanimelist.net/animelist/NightZero78

Zenter –Ā http://myanimelist.net/animelist/crimsonzenter

DISCLAIMER: All images used on this blog are strictly copyrights of their owners. I will not claim credit for any images used here unless stated otherwise. If I have offended anyone by posting any images on my blog, pleaseĀ email meĀ and I will remove them ASAP.

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