Highschool DxD Review






Issei Hyodo is a normal highschool student at Kuoh Academy a former all girls school which is now open to boys. One day Issei is killed then resurrected by a devil and he wakes up in his bed thinking it was a dream until he gets killed and resurrected again but this time when he wakes up he finds a girl in his bed with him, She tells him that she is devil and that he has been resurrected as a devil with her as his new master. Issei then has to join the Occult Research Club where everyone is a devil to serve his master by fighting fallen angels and other devils.

Main Characters


Issei Hyodo

Issei is a second year student. He is your typical highschool pervert where he can’t stop thinking about girls breasts and will take any chance to look or touch them but he will help anyone who needs it. Issei uses the Boosted Gear which is a gauntlet that can double his power and even said has the power to kill a god.

Gremory Rias

Rias Gremory

Rias is a third year student and is the leader of her group of devils. She is a kind to all of her servants and is proud that she is a part of the Gremory Family but would like people see her as herself and not as someone from the Gremory family. Her power lie’s within her ability in magic.


Asia Argento

Asia is a second year student and was a nun before becoming devil. She is very innocent and didn’t have any friends which is why she is bad at socializing. Her power is the Twilight Healing which allows her to heal anyone.


Akeno Himejima

Akeno is a Third-Year Student. She is an elegant girl but when she is fighting someone she turns into a bit of a sadist. Her powers are in her ability to control lightning.


Koneko Toujou

Koneko is a first year student. she has a cold personality not showing her emotions and she doesn’t like Issei because he is perverted. Koneko doesn’t have any powers she just has a lot of physical strength.


Yuuto Kiba

Yuuto is a Second-Year Student. He is an upbeat person who cares for his comrades. His power is sword birth which allows him to make and sword he wants aswell as being a very skilled swordsman.

Good points

Ok plot.

interesting character.

Ok combat.

A lot of fan service.

Ok comedy.

Bad points

Fan service sometimes detracts from serious points.

Doesn’t feel like a harem because only two girls seem to have feelings for Issei.

my opinion

Going into this anime I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did it’s not the best thing I have ever watched but it’s also not the worst. I felt there was too much fan service in this anime getting to points were I was getting annoyed at it because there where scenes where it was not needed. As for the story there was enough there to keep me entertained and comedy was nothing new. It does have a some specials and ova along with a second season which I haven’t watched yet but I’m going to. I would recommend this to anyone who just want sit back and not take it seriously. The best thing I could say is to search up the ending theme and watch that and then you will know what you’re getting your self in to by watching this. I’m going to give this an 8 out of 10 because I can’t say I wasn’t entertained while watching it.


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Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari – Shafts Occult mystery!


June 3rd 2009, Studio shaft created “Bakemonogatari” and in January 8th 2012 “Nisemonogatari”. these two series were directed by none other than Akiyuki Shimbou and is well-known for its heavy use of unique and complex dialogue, unique characters and some very weird comedy. “Bakemonogatari” is about a boy called  Koyomi Araragi who has been recently attacked by a vampire and then finds himself helping out 5 girls who have been affected by oddities and apparitions. The story also follows the relationship mainly between Araragi and Senjougahara which is intertwined with the series. “Nisemonogatari” is a continuation of the story of “Bakemonogatari”.

The characters in the series are on of the strongest parts of the series. The main character is  Koyomi Araragi who is your typical protagonist, as he usually can’t help himself from helping people in need but he does diverge from this stereotype as you find out when he’s not helping people, he’s being constantly on the receiving end of Senjougahara’s abuse, touching and beating up a grade school student or doing weird stuff to his sister! (you’ll know when you see it!)

The other character worth mentioning in detail is Senjougahara Hitagi who is the tsundere heroine of the series but although this seems to follow the same pattern as most modern anime, her character breaks the mound for tsundere’s as she has the one of the most interesting and unique personality of any heroine to date as she is very sadistic and when she is with Araragi they have some of the funniest and most interesting dialogue i have seen in a long while in anime.

The other characters are mainly serve as a new girl in the next arc and also make reappearances for comical purposes or they serve their purpose as a supporting role. None the less the actual cast is quite small which allow a large amount of development for these characters and  the series makes you feel attached to these characters and their not being left behind. Another point to add is that the a large portion of the cast are girls which makes this series move into the genre of harem. (which speaks for itself.)


So my main thoughts on the series was as follows. The story was good in my eyes but was not exactly an amazing feat of writing, it served its purpose and nothing less but I do give points for writing as it intertwines the romance aspects of the story brilliantly with the main plot-line. Although the plot was slightly lacking in “Nisemonogatari” in my opinion but I feel it was very controversial. one of the other points I have to make about is the dialogue in the series. At first glance the large majority of dialogue in the series as opposed to action can make the series a quite boring or feel really slow which could put many people off the series also the lack of dub may put off people who don’t like subtitles for your various reasons. The series also gets point for its great use of intertwining some comical dialogue into some scenes which isn’t too bold and in your face but it does have some blunt, unusual and vulgar humor which may put some people off.

Although this previous point is true the dialogue in the series can be considered a double-edged sword, as the dialogue is the strongest part of the series as the dialogue is never boring due to the way they use plays on words, references and the interesting ideals all the characters seem to express. The dialogue between characters is also quite comical especially when mixed with some of the quirky art they put in sometimes to spice up these scenes but they may be seen as an eyesore to some. They also used some unusual or darker art in some scenes which helped to set the mood as I couldn’t help but think it was typically shaft as you could see how the unusual art had an influence on one of shaft Newer series “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”

Speaking of art, The Art and Animation saw top-notch with great character designs which always caught your eye, the great use of color in the series and the attention to detail  with the landscape and backgrounds as they are so well done I actually feel I’m being drawn into the background unaware of what is happening. They also use vibrant colors when in conversation or what few fights the series has in parallel with fast transitions to make scenes much more interesting and vibrant even if it was only just simple dialogue, they also used very dull colors in some scenes to set the mood in some of the darker scenes which also looks great. They also use a variety transitions between wide shots and close shots which work great for setting the mood in a specific scene. The animation of the series was great as it was very smooth and the way they used transitions in parallel to dialogue really made it unique to most of the anime at the time or even now.

Some of the art used within the series and how the use of color is very bold.

Some of the art used within the series and how the use of color is very bold.

The music is one of my favorite parts of this anime as the music they use they manage to intertwine with the dialogue so well that it sets the mood perfectly that I give major points to this anime for. The soundtrack of “Bakemonogatari” consists mainly of piano melody and a few songs on guitar (both acoustic/ Electric) and vice-versa in “Nisemonogatari” as I heard less use of the piano which was a shame as in the first season they used it so well. But as I said previously it sets the mood perfectly for each scene as it fits the dialogue well and the melody flows through the scene well with the transitions to create some very powerful scenes which actually took my breath away. One of my favorite songs soundtrack was The piano Version of the Opening “Staple, Staple” which made for some of the most breath-taking scenes. To listen to it you can click this link : http://youtu.be/ccjQ4Hk_ejM .

My final verdict on the both Series is that it is a great story revolving around may arcs but its true strength lies in its ability to intertwine Breath taking art, Interesting and unique character and dialogue, Great transitions and dialogue and a beautiful soundtrack to create a wonderful experience, and with some good comedy (Although it is pretty weird). If you go into this with a with the mindset that you should expect a lot of text but if you look close enough you may find a unique experience that you will enjoy.  I’m sorry that this review may have seemed slightly bias but I feel that this series is truly a great anime if you are ready to tackle something so unique and genre defining and you can look past its large dialogue but remember this show may not be for the faint hearted or anyone looking for fast paced action. The rating I have given these anime are 9/10.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed this very passionate review, I tried to keep open-minded and write a fair comparison but you just saw the end result and I REGRET NOTHING. I’m sorry if you didn’t enjoy it but I tried my best I promise but if you did feel free to like, follow us and look at our other reviews. Thanks for reading, again hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it and until next post.

See Ya! ~Zero

Mirai Nikki review






This anime is centered around Yukiteru Amano or Yuki for short who is a 14-year-old middle school who is always alone spending most of his time writing in he’s phone diary. One day when he is talking to his imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina who is the god of time and space, Deus gives Yuki the power to tell the future by looking at his diary entries. Yuki then find out that he’s now participating in a survival game with twelve other people to determine who will succeed Dues and become the new god of time and space. He finds that he’s going to do this alone as a mysterious girl say that she will help Yuki win the survival game.

Main Characters


Yukiteru Amano (Yuki)

Yuki is the protagonist of the anime and he has the Random Diary which can give him future or present details about he’s surrounding. As for Yuki personality lonely,weak,scared and doesn’t want to kill anyone or become the god of time and space, but as the anime goes on he becomes the complete opposite a stronger character willing to kill and wanting to become god. When it comes to fighting Yuki mostly stays back an lets yuno take care of it but he will join in and help yuno some of the time.


Yuno Gasai

Yuno is another dairy user and wants to help Yuki win the game. she uses the Yukiteru Diary which tell her what Yuki is doing ever ten minutes. As for her personality she is Smart and polite girl but this is just a fake personality for she is actually Yandere and can get jealous when Yuki is around other people she continuously stalks Yuki and will even go as far to break in to he’s house. when it comes to fighting Yuno is the one who does most of fighting she uses a knife and it very skilled even being able to deflect knifes being thrown at her.

my opinion

This anime is defiantly something I would recommend you to watch as long as you not offended by violence and gore or if you’re not in to thing with a story. When it comes down to it most of it done well it keeps you hooked on the story you’re wondering who are they going to fight next what can there diary do and how are they going to over come it. This anime has good but sad ending to it I’m not going to go into to detail but there are somethings that didn’t get which had me thinking why could you have not done it this way and everyone would be happy but it didn’t detract from the ending. With the character it’s not just here are the people that Yuki is going to fighting everyone gets good development you actually get to know about their feeling their past and why each one wants to become god. There are also some bit that made me laugh mostly Yuno being Yandere but they don’t conflict with the serious parts of the anime. the fight scenes are average with nothing to over the top because no one has any power except Yuno’s knife skill. When I watched this I watch in sub and I do know there is a dub going to be coming out but I would recommend watching it in subs than waiting for the dub and to be honest I don’t think the dub will be all that good. I will give this anime 10 out 10 because I usually don’t get that much enjoyment out of thing like this but this show really griped me and surpassed my expectation for it but this is just my opinion and you would have to check it out for yourself but I really do recommend watching it.


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IS : Infinite Stratos review



hello to anyone reading This. I’m zenter and this is going to be my first post where i am going to be reviewing the anime Infinite Stratos and I hope you all enjoy it.


Science fiction,Comedy,Harem

the plot

This anime is based in the near future where there are mechanized suits called Infinite Stratos or I S for short. However these I S  are not used in wars but for competitions and can only be piloted by females. one day Ichika Orimura finds himself to be the only male to able to pilot an I S and is sent to the Infinite Stratos Academy where I S pilots come for all over the world. Ichika begins he’s new high school life where he learns how to pilot an I S and  meets a lot of interesting Characters.

Main Characters


Ichika Orimura

Ichika is the protagonist of the anime. He is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and he pilots the Byakushiki which focuses on melee combat. Ichika is a typical harem protagonist managing to get girls to fall in love with him but not being able to pick up on it which leads to a lot of awkward situations.


Houki Shinonono

Houki is the first girl Ichika meets and is also he’s childhood friend.she is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots Akatsubaki which is a melee type. Houki very easily gets mad and will resort to violence against ichika even attacking him with a kendo stick.

Cecilia Sleeves

Cecilia Alcott

Cecilia is the Representative for england. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Blue Tears which is a long-range sniper type. Cecilia is stereotypically british and is stuck up.


Huang Ling Yin (Rin)

Rin is the Representative for China and is another one of Ichika childhood friends. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Shenlong which is a short-range melee type. rin is  very energetic and is a bit competitive


Charlotte Dunois

charlotte is the Representative of France. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Rafale Revive Custom II which is medium-range type. charlotte is alway kind and doesn’t getting angary.


Laura Bodewig

laura is the Representative of Germany and a A genetically engineered super-soldier. She is a first year at the Infinite Stratos Academy and pilots the Schwarzer Regen which is a medium to long-range artillery-type. Laura is a tough person and with being raised in the army doesn’t understand how thing work in life.

my opinion

well this anime isn’t for everyone this will only appeal to the people who like harems and fan service but that’s not to say its bad. This is not for anyone who looking to get behind a good story since it doesn’t really go anywhere. On the other hand looking at the other aspects of this show it does deliver with a good amount of comedy centered around Ichika not being able to read the situation make for a lot of awkward situations and funny outcomes. talking about fan service again it does not disappoint but does bombard you with it. As for the fight between the I S its standard high-flying fast combat but isn’t to over the top still it would have been nice to see some really good fight’s. This show has some of my favourite Characters and has made me come back and re watch it. Between the dub or the sub I would have to say the dub because the voice actors use such stereotypically accents for the english,French and German Characters which just add to the humour of the show. I would give it a 9 maybe 8 out of 10 because it appeals to my sence of humour and kept me wanting more which I will be getting because this show is getting a second season which I am really looking forward to.

I would like to thank anyone who has read all of this post I know it not that detailed but I would like to do more detailed reviews in the future.


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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 2012 Review


I’ve always been a fan of melodramatic, over the top anime like “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” and a few shounen series and I heard some good things about the series from people i knew so I felt that this series was right up my alley.

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” follows the misadventures of the Joestar family through the many generations of the family, following the descendant of that time. The manga series that the series was adapted from so far has eight arcs. This adaptation of the anime follows the first two arcs; Phantom blood and Battle tendency.

The first arc is set in late 19th century Britain where the young Johnathan Joestar meets his new adopted brother Dio Brando who only wants to usurp Jonathan as heir to the Joestar family. However, his attempts are thwarted and when he resorts to using an ancient stone mask, it transforms him into a vampire. From that day onward’s Johnathan must learn the ways of  “Hamon” (or “Ripple”… yeah, great name!) from Will Zeppeli and former street thug, Robert Speedwagon to defeat Dio and stop him from taking over the world.

The next arc is set in 1930’s america where the grandson of Jonathan, Joseph finds that Speedwagon has diasappeared and upon looking for him he discovers a much more powerful enemy named “The Pillar Men” and he to must learn to master “The Ripple” from Lisa Lisa to defeat the pillar men and defend the world.

so from my brief description of the plot you can probably tell that the plot is not the strongest part of the series as it follows the cliché plot-line of saving the world from the bad guys will vague motives by beating the ever-loving crap out of them. so i would not call this a high point but the series does set up strong foundation with the story so it the series as a whole does not feel generic.

The high point of the series lies mainly in character interactions whether it be conversation or fighting as it always has a very melodramatic tone which seems to be charm with the series. In conversation they will randomly spew out philosophy, explain their plan to the enemy as they are about to do it or throw out cheesy one liners which does seem cheesy at first but it eventually grows on you and it starts to feel like an 80’s shounen manga (which ironically it is.)


The fighting is also a spectacle to behold. It’s over the top, melodramatic and awesome. it’s fast paced, its full of lighting effects and filters and sometimes the fights a psychological with the main protagonist and their opponent reading each others moves making some fights unpredictable. they also added the kanji effects that would be on the pages of the manga and used backgrounds similar to background on manga frames which is a touch that I liked as it made it feel more dramatic and it emphasis movements on-screen but this a very stylized touch that some may appreciate or may put others of.


I also liked the art that the series had mainly because the looked very typical of an 80’s manga which i liked and the colors used added to the overall mood of many scenes or they could appear to be very overwhelming but this may be something that appeals to you.

I would like to add how “Ripple” is a very cool power but they vaguely explained what it can actually do with the exception of killing vampires, and it seems like they can do the most ridiculous things with it. for example ripple users have managed to push venom out of their body, walk on water, throw bubbles which can cut through vampires, create hang-gliders from leaves and many other ridiculous things with the most vague explanation. This series does truly test your suspension of disbelief to its limit.

the final point that i would like to make is the soundtrack which is very good, with many tracks adding to the overall feel to the anime by making scenes seem much more dramatic or getting you pumped for a fight. Another area that must be pointed out is the openings which look brilliant in my opinion as they both sum up the overall feel of 80’s shounen with a great song for both openings and a good representation of whats in store. The only bad thing about these openings is that the CG in the openings are an eye sore but it’s not so evident in the second opening as the CG is used much less and in combination with the many bright colors it is less noticeable.


My final verdict for the series is that i will highly recommend this if you are just looking for something fun that you don’t have to take seriously and you don’t want a deep and complex story line. my recommendations for other anime like this would be “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” as the anime has the same over the top feel to it and there both just fun series to watch that you don’t need to take seriously although i would say Gurren Lagann is much better but that is mainly personal preference. I have decided to rate this anime 7.5/10. Thank you for reading this first review of mine and i hope you have enjoyed it as much as i have. thank you again and ill see you next post.