Psycho-Pass Season 2 (Good or bad?)



Okay so with that out the way… In October 2012, production I.G. and (My favorite writer) Gen Urobuchi made the anime we now know as Psycho-Pass. the story took place in the future where a system called the Sibyl System monitored everybody mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes, all through a “cymatic scan” of the brain to decide whether they were criminals. this assessment was called a Psycho-Pass. when the probability of them committing crimes is too high they would be pursued and apprehended, by force if necessary using the advanced weapon known as a “Dominator” which decides which can only fire and kill those whose crime coefficient is high enough. The story mainly follows Akane Tsunemori, a new inspector to the force who is made to take on many large cases right off the bat.

As I’m not reviewing this I’m going to try to keep this short. I thought Psycho-Pass was a great series to watch the highlights of the series in my eyes was firstly in the animation and art as the art itself added well to the cyberpunk world and the special effects on the gun for example looked brilliant and made it look realistic. The character designs in the series looked brilliant one of my favorites was Shinya Kōgami cause he looked like a bad-ass. Another highlight of the series was the setting and theme behind the series as i found the concept intriguing like how the system could condemn a person to death but as a person you may feel the decision to be wrong or that the system may not feel the system to be morally just, and this concept was what kept me interested throughout the series. the final point of interest for the series was the soundtrack which was great during scenes in the anime and the opening and ending themes always got me pumped for another episode.


there was quite a few problems that i had with the series as a whole. the first problem I had was that the series as a whole was quite slow and episodic so until the main story arc actually kicked in I felt that some episodes felt like a bore and it felt like a task to get through some episodes. Another problem i had with the series was that character development was very limited and many side characters did not get as much development as i hoped or not at all which left some questions in the back of my mind but this did not affect my overall viewing pleasure of the anime. The final problem with the anime was the ending, as i felt they left to many questions unanswered and the villains motives was relatively unexplained but i liked the fact that they left the ending open to interpretation which made me feel satisfied with the ending given and gave me an interesting viewpoint of the series as a whole.

so anyway on July 2013 they announced the second season of Psycho-Pass and i feel like I’m on the fence about this. This is mainly because of my mixed feelings towards the series as a whole influencing my opinion on this. so i think the best way to explain this is to break it down into why i want the second season and why I’m okay with it not being made.

the reasons that i want to see this second season of Psycho-Pass is because as I previously explain, i feel there are too many plot points left unexplained and there is so little i know about some of the characters that this large mass of questions cannot go unanswered in my mind and i feel that this season may give me those answers. another reason is because i want to see the direction in which they take the series because the open ending given to the series means that they could take the story in many directions. For example i feel the first way they could take the series is that it could still follow Akane and revisit areas of the plot that were left previously unexplained or not well explored, or i feel that the plot could follow this new character that was shown it the last scene and she could retrace the steps the previous protagonist did but then make different decision focusing on the areas of the story that were previously mentioned but never developed.


This second point was actually an analogy that I thought up after watching Psycho-Pass, as from the evidence I got from the series like the setting at the end was identical to the first episode, i thought that the events of the series may have been like a vicious circle where it was all the events of the series may have been part of a cycle but i can’t fully explain this without running into spoilers so I will leave it at that (If you want the full explanation feel free to message me on here or Facebook and I will happily explain it to you.) and my final reason for wanting this series is this may be the first sequel Gen Urobuchi has ever done so I will be interested on how he deals with this.

so on the other end of the scale there are a few reasons why i would still be happy if there wasn’t a second season is because i liked how the ending was open to interpretation and this allowed fans to get out many different analogy of the series which was something i really liked about the series as you got a new viewpoint on the series whenever you talk to somebody new. the other problem I feel with a second season is also the fact this may be Gen Urobuchi’s first second season and i feel that this may go in three ways.

  1. He feels very passionate about the series and he wants to see the series all the way through to the end and not leave any stones un-turned.
  2. He may not be able to reach the same level with the second season the first or exceed the quality of the first season because he may feel uncomfortable with developing on a previous series rather than creating a new series from scratch.
  3. He’s being told to write a new series by production I.G. because of the popularity of the first season so he doesn’t feel as passionate about the second season so he won’t write it to his full potential.

So i feel that it being Gen Urobuchi’s first second season may put him out of his comfort zone and this may be a compromise to his great talent in writing.

Even taking this all into account I feel I’m still on the fence about this second season but only time can tell and i only hope for the best from this series as a whole. Thanks for reading this post i hope you have enjoyed this as much as i did writing it. For this post i would like you to post your opinions on the second season and the direction you feel the series may be going, or post you interpretation of the ending of the first season. so again thanks for reading and I’ll see you next post 😀