FIRST POST – Steins gate. (Final Impression)


Hey guys, First post i’m pretty pumped for it just finished watching Steins gate and just added it to my MAL yesterday i gave it a good 9/10 as i enjoyed it very much but it did have one minor problem that could have stopped this series from being perfect… THE START.

okay, soo the reason is that the start felt so much slower in comparison to the rest of the series and this annoyed me because if the build up to the first plot point didn’t take as long or they made it far more interesting to watch, it would have felt like such a drag to begin with as this is what it felt to me.

but getting the bad points out the way the staff involved in steins gate did a very good job with the animation and the story of steins gate did keep me gripped and at one point i felt like my jaw hit the floor because i was so shocked at something that just happened in the story.  Also there were may parts where i was laughing my ass off at Okabe because he would always lighten the mood before some of the darker sections of the show.

i would highly recommend this show to anybody who is reading this just because of the gripping story this show has and the comedy the show has even at the darkest of scenes. so that will be all for this post so thanks for reading and goodbye.




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