shingeki no kyojin Episode 15 (thoughts so far…)


Soo for the people who have been living under a rock since April 2013, production I.G. produced Shingeki no kyojin or attack on titan. the series was also directed by Tetsurō Araki who directed other iconic series such as Death note and Guilty crown, so when this series was released it seemed like a pretty big deal.

The story of attack on titan is that 100 years prior to the series an unknown force named Titans which are tall humanoid beings that drove humanity to near extinction and forced them to devolve to a low-level society almost like medieval England and survive in one last settlement surrounded by three walls. they are known as wall Maria ,Rose and Sina which is the last defense for the humans.

after all this setup about the world of AOT, the story mainly follows Eren jaeger and his struggle surviving in the world presented and how he deals with what he was presented. The plot does actually go much deeper than this but as i cannot really explain this without spoilers as all manga readers and others who have watched the anime will know.

the reason many people have given this show so much hype is because the anime has one of the strongest starts i have seen in anime in a long time. this is mainly because they managed to build such a vast and interesting world and it makes you want to know much more about the thing in the world like the titans or the city and how it was built and the series keeps you lusting for more answers and i hope we get them.

Another reason is that in the first episode the series doesn’t ease you in slowly, shit hits the fan straight away and there is lot’s of death and destruction straight off the bat and this just leaves you in awe. this pace also adds to the feel of this dystopia and how meaningless the fight between the humans and titans are. also this pace never really slowed down and i would almost die in anticipation for the next episode as there would always be something happening and it never felt like there was a reason not to watch the next episode.

The final reason i feel there is so much hype going into it is because of the animation quality is near perfect. the reason this is so significant is that the solders would fight with 3D maneuver gear which means the action is very fast paced as they are swinging between buildings and flying through the air towards titan. This means if they did not have fluid animation to put it bluntly it would look shit but because it’s really fluid it looks really fast paced and epic. I also feel that they may have also been showing off when animating this as there are some brilliant scenes like when a character had his leg bit off MID-AIR and then slid along a nearby roof top destroying the roof tiles and it looked so epic.Also the sound track is awesome and the first opening pretty much speaks for itself and if you haven’t seen it watch it now!


Now that ALOT of credit has been given where necessary now I have to talk about a few minor points i have to now discuss a few flaws that the show has although at the minute they appear to be minor. The first problem is the designs for the titans because they are very inconsistent with the designs. This means that there are some titans which look really bad-ass then there are some titans that look so mongish that they made me break immersion. for example there have been some weird titans that i saw like the titan dubbed the “Kawaii titan” which has been the star of many memes and one titan i saw that looked like Freddy mercury although i do feel this may be a personal problem rather than a problem everybody will have but you have been warned.Image Image

(BTW this picture at the top has been edited but the one on is legit 😀 )

The other problem i am having now is that it reached episode 14 (There was an op change :(. ) i felt like the series is beginning to slow down which is sad considering how strong the series began but it was kind of given as no writer could ever hold that pace in a series without slowing down for some form of character development and world building as they have only really developed the characters Eren and Mikasa as they are kind of the main characters. I do feel like the series need to slow down as the series is at an important turning point and I feel that the right may just be building up to a massive plot point as we found out in the end of episode 15 as shit is going down an I feel I new enemy as well of the titans may appear within the ranks of the human race but this is entirely based on my speculation but we will have to find out.

so to wrap this up quickly if you haven’t watched attack on titan go watch it now, you will not be disappointed, if you still on the fence about this series I command you to give it a go and if you don’t it may be your loss.